—papers & presentations.



“Imaging the Plus-Size Body: Haptic Visuality and the Aesthetics of Disgust in Contemporary Fashion Photography,” to be presented at the Association for Art History’s annual conference on the panel, “AFFECTIVE FASHION(S),” convened by Roberto Filippello and Alessandro Bucci (The University of Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom).


"Building a Better Body: Fashions for the Stout Woman, 1915-1931,"  presented at the Association for Art History's annual conference on the panel, "Body as Architecture/Architecture as Body," convened by Kelly Freeman and Rebecca Whiteley (The Courtauld Institute of Art and King's College, London, United Kingdom.

“Making the Body Stout: Bridging Discourse and Practice in the Study of the Relationship Between Dress and the Historical Body," presented at the Costume Society of America's annual conference, "Making Connections: Manufacturing Knowledge through Dress Studies" (Williamsburg, VA, United States).


"Looking Fat in a Slender World: The Dialectic of Seeing and Becoming in Jen Davis' Eleven Years," presented at the conference, "Revisiting the Gaze," Chelsea College of Art (London, United Kingdom). 

"Fashioning the Flesh: Rethinking Plus-Size Dress, Discourse and Embodiment," presented at the conference "The Space Between: Psyche, Body, Environment," Royal College of Art (London, United Kingdom). 



"Fashion Plus: Pose and the Plus-Size Body in Vogue, 1986-1988," presented at the conference "Posing the Body: Stillness, Movement, Representation," The Courtauld Institute of Art (London, United Kingdom). 

"No Laughing Matter: Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCarthy and the Shifting Discourses of Plus-Size Fashion, Dress and Embodiment," presented at the annual Popular Culture Association of America (PCA/ACA) symposium (Seattle, WA, United States).

"Stoutwear and the Discourse of Disorder: The Fashioning of an American Body and of an Industry, 1915-1931," presented at the Fashion Research Network's fall reading group, Coventry University (London, United Kingdom).



"Hidden in Plain Sight: Fashion and Fat Acceptance in the Riot Grrrl Zine Archives," presented at the annual Popular Culture Association of America (PCA/ACA) symposium (New Orleans, Louisiana, United States).

"Locating Plus-Size: The Shifting Meanings and Uses of Fashion's Most Contested Term," presented at the PhD workshop "Fashion and the Body: An International PhD Workshop" (convened by Lauren Downing Peters),  Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden).



"Weighty Images: (Ad-)dressing and (Un-)dressing the Fat Bodies in Fashion Print Media," presented at the conference "Fashion Thinking," University of Southern Denmark (Kolding, Denmark).

"'Make it Work': Riot Grrrls and the Reclamation of the Fat Body Through Fashion," presented at the SKY Doctoral Course "REPRESENTATION" (convened by Annamari Vänskä and Beverly Skeggs), Helsinki University (Helsinki, Finland).



"Queering the Hourglass: Beauty and New Wave Fat Activism," presented at the "Third Global Beauty Conference," Mansfield College, Oxford University (Oxford, United Kingdom).

"Revolution on the Racks? Blogging, Resistance and Fa(t)shion," presented at the Summit on Fashion Marketing, Stockholm University School of Business (Stockholm, Sweden).



"Effortless Consumption: The 'Anthropologie' of a Brand-Focused Online Shopping Community," co-presented with Anya Kurennaya (Drexel University) at the conference "Fashion Now and Then," LIM College (New York, NY, United States).

"Fashionably Fat: A Consideration of the Dress-Practices of Self-Proclaimed Fat Women," presented at the annual Popular Culture Association of American Conference (PCA/ACA) (Boston, MA, United States).

"Consuming Fashion Photography: Sex, Abjection and Spaghetti," presented at the symposium "Fashion and...Health," University of Minnesota (Saint Paul, MN, United States).



"Performing Vintage: The Consumption and Cultivation of Vintage Identities at the Brooklyn Flea," presented at the "Urban Catwalk Symposium," Yale University (New Haven, CT, United States).